Sun Dogs: A transhumanist adventure

Hi, everyone on here’s been pretty supportive about AdventureX the convention I help organise. So I thought I’d come back and share a project I’m working on as a writer.

Sun Dogs is an open world text adventure set in a transhumanist future of our solar system. Play a traveler exploring the cultures, environments, and people of a strange and inhuman collection of societies. From the sun’s corona to Neptune and beyond, humans have managed to adapt themselves to nearly every environment we’ve encountered.

As you travel, you will change. Gain new skills, collect items and alter your body with modifications. As you change, so will the world around you, the texts adapting to your character and abilities. When you die, a new body will be created for you, and your mind will continue on, nearly immortal.

Greenlight page: … =502700824

Twitter: @sundogsgame

Gameplay footage:

The game will be fully moddable ( which I think will interest folks here) so you will be able to add and edit all the content of the game however you wish.

I can’t remember how I came across this a few days ago (was it on RPS?) but it looks fun. Do you have any plans for mobile/tablet?

Thanks yes it was RPS. We’re not ruling out mobile but right now we’re focused on PC/Mac.

Looks swanky! Definitely the sort of thing I’d want to hear about regardless of your work with AdventureX.

Do you have procedurally generated material and text here or is it hand-crafted?

Hopefully helpful remark: I think there’s an its/it’s thing at 0:18 of the video.

The text is all hand crafted most of it’s written by Nic ( the game’s designer) but I wrote a ton of stuff for Venus.

Oops and thanks for the typo spot!

Cool! Looking forward to your progress!

Hi everyone, brief update. We passed Greenlight and will be releasing on October 29th. The game will also be released on if you prefer DRM free games.

Congratulations! Looking forward to it.

This looks really interesting, thanks for sharing. Congrats on it getting greenlit!


It’s out!
Itch ( comes w Steam code):

I really enjoyed this (; good luck with the release, and keep making more – hell at this stage I would pay for an outer system DLC.

Awesome thanks for taking the time to write about the game! I should add the soundtrack should have a little more variety but a weird bug crept in at launch that meant it kept skipping back to one track. The update to fix it should be live on Steam now, and soonish in ( itch takes a bit longer to update).

I hope Nic can extend it to the outer planets too, he has some interesting stuff noted down about what’s going on out there…

The hints of what was happening at Jupiter did sound pretty tantalizing – I kept hoping that something I did would unlock access.