Suggestions for the Game of the Month: November 06

Please use this thread to suggest any Interactive Fiction game for the November’s Game of the Month discussion.

Every forum member can suggest one game per month. It is encouraged to describe the reasoning for one’s choice and to give a small description of the game, so the other forum members have enough information to base their votes upon. Please note that there’s a maximum of ten suggestions per month. As there’s no selection, the ‘first come, first served’ principle applies.

Suggestions may be posted here up to the 30 September 2006, with voting taking place in a new thread running between October 1st and 7th.

Shouldn’t we wait until October to start suggesting November games? :slight_smile:

Well I don’t know about November, but for OCTOBER I’m going to take the fangirl approach and recommend my favoritest game of all time, Anchorhead!

I haven’t played it in a long, long time so it’ll be nice to see how it holds up now that I’m not such a newbie to IF, and it seems fitting to do this around Halloween. :slight_smile:

I’ve always been curious what Worlds Apart is like so I’ll nominate that.

Worlds Apart is large, I can tell you that. :slight_smile:

This may have been discussed already, but if so I missed it. Anyway…

Why is there such a long time between the voting period and the discussion period? It seems like some people might vote on a game, and the voting might psych them up to discuss the game, but this enthusiasm would probably fade during the following three weeks.

Sure, people need a chance to play the game if they haven’t already, but I’d have thought that that could be done during the discussion month itself.


I’ve changed the naming system so the title now refers to the month a game actually gets discussed.

The reason behind this has been that it gives everyone enough time to play the game in advance, without other people spoiling the game for them. People who didn’t have enough time to play a game immediately could feel discouraged to join ongoing or settled discussions; two weeks should be enough time to play through most IF games.

However, these rules are not set in stone (see the naming change), so I’m open to changes.
Any other thoughts on this?

My only thought is that playing (and reviewing, and then discussing) IFComp games is going to make October and November pretty difficult for me to work in a GotM title… :slight_smile: