Suggestion for a new board

I had a short private conversation with an administrator about adding a new board and he suggested I post it to this board to see what the consensus is.

One of the things that I find lacking at is a forum for general discussion of writing games, separate from the system that’s used. When I want to ask people’s advice on how to design a puzzle, or talk about the direction a plot could take, or discuss gameplay, or talk about the intricacies of interactive storytelling, I don’t know which forum to use. These are the kinds of topics I’m most interested in discussing.

I don’t know if we need yet another subforum when it seems is still spread thin, but I’ll leave it up to the admins: do you think such a “General IF Authoring” forum would be useful? Maybe this could be an expansion/renaming of the existing “Getting Started with IF Authorship” forum, which has the benefit of being system-agnostic but is currently limited to discussion about learning IF authorship, instead of generally practicing it.

You should take my suggestion with a large grain of salt, of course, because as you can see I have made exactly 0 posts to so far. I really want to use something better than RAIF, though.

What are your thoughts?

One thing we could do is move Adrift, Hugo, and Alan messages into the “Other” board (I didn’t want to before, but it’s clear there isn’t enough traffic to warrant them), which would make having another general-purpose authoring forum okay. It could be called “Design, Advice, Tips, and Tricks” or something to that effect.

Anybody for or against the idea?

I think this is a good idea.

And regarding a little forum reorganization…:wink: – these are our current sub-forums:

So based on number of topics and activity, and following on Merk’s idea about the Other subforum, I think we could trim the forum down like this:

Basically going from 18 subforums to 13. Personally I’d combine hints and tips into Game Discussion but I can see the reasons for keeping spoilers completely separate; anyway I think there are benefits to fewer subforums, but there would be some work involved obviously – moving about 60 threads, deleting six subforums, and adding one.

Firstly, I agree that a board for general IF authorship (craft/theory) discussions would be a good thing to have.

Secondly, it does seem that rearranging the boards would be a good idea, and I think George’s scheme sounds sensible. Certainly the number of development-system-specific boards can be reduced: Adrift has its own message boards, so it seems unnecessary to have one here, and the only person I can think of who uses Alan is Anssi Räisänen. I guess Hugo is used little enough these days to be relegated to “other” status as well, though it’s sad.

Thirded (or fourthed?)

While we’re talking about pruning, would it be so terrible to merge the Hints and Tips, Game Discussion and Reviews forums (taking it one step further than George does above)? As long as each thread is well-titled, I don’t see that anyone would stumble onto anything they didn’t want to. It all seems pretty much like ‘discussion’ to me.

I’ll try to make the changes later in the week, unless Rioshin gets to it first.

I guess I managed to get to it before you, Merk. :slight_smile:

I decided to still keep the Announcements and the Feedback forums separate; that gives you users an easier way to spot any announcements from us than having to go through the Feedback forum for admin-originated posts (as the Announcements forum requires Admin or Global Moderator privileges to start a new topic), while the Feedback forum is for you to give proposals and other feedback to us.

But in detail, I added the Design and Theory forum and combined Discussion, Hints and Tips and Reviews into one, as well as combined the Hugo, Adrift and Alan-specific groups into Other systems, as brought up in this topic.

If you want any further improvements to the forums, just go ahead and ask. I’m definitely open to ideas on how to improve the user experience of these forums - and Merk seems to be, as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks rioshin and Merk, and to the others who posted suggestions.

I’m going to disappear for business travel for a couple weeks, so I guess I won’t be able to populate the new board just yet. Maybe I’ll be able to respond to some topics when I come back :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, the board index looks a lot better to me now.