Sugarcube help

hi all i do not know if this is alowed but i am putting an ofer out for codeing help

basicaly this is something i am willing to pay for as i am not the best with codeing and am willing to pay if someone can help me

You may want to describe the type of project you want help with, and what sort of features you want the the project to have. This would allow any potential applications know the amount of effort (and time) that may be needed.

ho ye sorry about that i was kinda in a rush when posting that
but what features i would like is
an invontory system that can always be updated and always acsessed from the side bar in sugarcube
a money system that again can be displayed in the side bar
a tradeing system that will also link in to the money and invontory system and i would like it so the player can come across diffrerant NPC that will offer diffrent items for sale and have a system that will pick the items randomly and can give diffrent items a diffrent chance of apering
a player stats system that again can be shown in the side bar wich can also link in to the inventory system for thinks like health packs
a charecter serlection at the begining
little in story/game mini puzzles
some way to have npc act diffrent depending on previus choises made
a way to provent players/readers going to the previus page
a auto save system
a system were the charecter can use something like a pda do do things like also check there inventory there health and other stats able to listion to radio stations (but the audio onaly play when the player/reader selecs it and stop when the player/reader deselects it) and use it like a digital key
going back to the radio idea have it ware onaly some stations are avalable in some areas and there is a way for it to pull random adio clips for each station

i dont know how much is possible