SugarCube 1 Text Animation Macros?

I’m using SugarCube 1 for my game because I do know enough ccs/java to make several neat features manually. For the most part, I’m certainly comfortable working with the story format and my game is coming along rather nicely.

However, I do want to polish it more (visually) and I think some text animations like fading text, shaking and so on could make it look very nice.

Does anyone know if and where I might find such working macros for SugarCube 1? Mainly I’m looking for a way to do a message/link append trick and also fading text, but I really need to sort out a typing sim macro for one plot device, and so far I’m stumped with that one.

note: I strongly suggest you switch to using SugarCube 2.x instead, because the development of SugarCube 1.x ceased quite a while ago and it is only included with the Twine 2.x application for legacy purposes.


I really probably should. I guess I just enjoyed the ~novelty~ of SugarCube 1, I suppose.

I think I’ll use SugarCube 1 another time - it fascinates me and I’d love to build something with it eventually. But for the game I’m building now, I did follow your (GreyElf) advice switch to Sugar Cube 2. Thanks!