SugarColors - Themes for Sugarcube

A while ago I made a template for colored Sugarcube 2 themes. Now there’s more: a site with
seven preset themes, and more on the way. It’s…


For each theme, there are also story starters.

The themes are based on the Bleached theme, which I assume is by Motoslave and licensed the same way as Sugarcube itself. If it is from elsewhere let me know and I will fix the attribution.

Try it by clicking here


Is that a Twine Jam I see on the horizon?

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Haha, if someone wants to organize it, I guess.

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I would participate, I can totally see myself writing a Twine based around “Dungeons and penguins”, or “Your money or your tooth”.

Nice job with the templates @pbparjeter – they look nice and clean, though if I actually used them, I would probably change the font for body text to something easier to read.


Thanks. Yes, feel free to change them, I’ve made sure the most important parts (fonts and the two main colors) are at the top of each template.


This is lovely! The Fairy Pink skews a bit purple, but the Peach Soda and Ice Blue themes are so cute, I could definitely see myself using them for something (if I ever get around to scrabbling away from the outdated version of Harlowe I’ve been relying on… hahaha.)

Thanks! I have an orange-ish night filter on my computer, the colors might need some adjusting.

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