Successor to Floyd?

Is there anything in the way of a successor to the old Floyd IRCbot? A server-hosted app that takes commands from multiple users and relays them back to everyone watching?

I’m halfway through writing my own (well, kludging Gargoyle into doing it for me), but I just realized it’s probably worth taking the time to see if I’m duplicating work.

I think somebody made a Slack-API bot.

I wrote up a proof-of-concept using the RemGlk/GlkOte API. ( ) Would need a lot more work to be put into service, but the idea works.

(Also, of course, Floyd is MUD-based rather than IRC. Also, it’s still in use.)

Ah, yes, fair. Though I don’t believe it handles images or much in the way of typesetting, either way :stuck_out_tongue:.

On that note - oh hey, server side parsing. Last I checked a few years back all I could find were client-side browser-based terps that hung if you tried to run something like Counterfeit Monkey on it.

Well, I’ll play around with both, see what I can do with it. Thanks!

There have been various experiments with IRC bots if I recall. The most up-to-date one was called “IFBot” written in py3.

Rebot supports IRC.

A MUD bot or IRC bot may be able to be written in JavaScript (maybe there are some Node.js packages for doing this; if not, write your own and hopefully it is not too difficult with the stuff built-in to Node.js) and modules can be used for the various interpreters, for example JSZM (which requires Node 5.x or any other ES6 compliant JavaScript implementation) for Z-machine codes. I could also write a JavaScript implementation for running OASYS stories too if you need it. If ES6 won’t do or if JavaScript won’t do in general, then you could try Python or C instead.

Ah, perhaps I should’ve been clearer. The reason Floyd doesn’t suit my purposes is precisely because IRC does not support the newer features of IF - images and formatting and whatnot. So my intended solution would be some sort of server-side game on a webpage, and if it’s hooked up to an IRC it’s only incidentally.

JSZM could be put on a webpage too (it does not require Node.js). However, I still think that formatting and so on can be implemented just by ANSI codes anyways; and you should be allowed to turn off formatting and pictures if the game does not require it (some games may require it, but in other cases such things may be optional). (My own opinion is that you should not put everything on webpages; nevertheless you can make whatever program what way you want to make and it is not required to be according to my or anyone else’s specification; I just make the suggestion.)

Mm. Why not? I’m interested in hearing your reasoning even if I’m not likely to change my implementation.

There’s Guncho (main site | Bitbucket project), which isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but it might be closer than starting from scratch.

Guncho is fundamentally a system for connecting players to IF interpreters over a network (raw TCP like a MUD, or richer web connections with SignalR). It originally used the Z-machine, now it uses Glulx (FyreVM). It normally compiles games from I7 source code, but I’ve experimented with other languages. The multiplayer features are mostly implemented in game libraries and can be changed or stripped out.

One approach to building the thing you want would be to add a new realm type whose assets are compiled story files instead of source code, and whose event handlers simply copy text between the game and all players.

I know that I’m off topic in this thread but I don’t know where to contact someone related to

I’m the user “tetractys” on “”. Recently I edited the source of an old realm of mine on (called “Italia”) then I’ve saved it and I’ve received a not better specified “Runtime Error”.
I’ve tried also saving the original code that years ago compiled without problems and worked - in fact it actually work even now on guncho - but I’ve received the same error.
Is it caused by some kind of timeout that is shorter that in the past? Smaller projects work, but realms written in italian need quite a lot of code.
After a long time, I plan to write a new realm in italian, but this problem prevents me to succeed. If anyone is listening, I’ll appreciate any kind of help. Thank you in advance!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I’ll look into the error when I get a chance. Feel free to PM me here.

Thank you!