Stuck on Oppositely Opal

I am trying out Oppositely Opal from ParserComp. Things are going pretty well in some ways: here is my current inventory:

[spoiler]> i
You are wearing your cloak and pointy hat, and you are carrying an empty can, a saw, an empty
bag, an enlarged tiny textbook, the tangled up pixie, a bottle of lubricating oil, some sand, a
grimoire, and a recipe.

As for collected ingredients, you are also carrying some pixie dust, some spider silk, a pink
peppercorn, a note, and a flamingo feather.[/spoiler]

But I’ve run out of ideas for the next step. According to my ingredient list, I next need

a cauldron of boiling water

and I’ve gotten as far as

[spoiler]sawing up the table with the enlarged knife in order to make wood for the stove. Clearly I need a way to set the wood on fire, but asking for hints just produces

Killjoy attacks your broom! NO BAD CAT but he doesn’t listen. You wonder what’s gotten into

and none of the various spells or other actions I’ve tried on the broom seem to be at all helpful (and definitely do not light it on fire).[/spoiler]

Suggestions welcome.

So, admittedly, Killjoy is two steps ahead. Bad hinting on my part! A better hint from Killjoy would be:

Killjoy rubs his paws together, faster and faster.

Hm, okay. I tried one action that is similar to that hint, but possibly I did it wrong – I’ll try some alternate approaches. Thanks!

So now I have a new difficulty. (Sorry! I’m not sure this isn’t a bug, though.)

[spoiler]I have made a sand golem that needs to be animated. The pixie could do this, but she flew away without cooperating first. Killjoy seems to hint that I could make use of the puffin (to guard the hole and keep her from flying out next time I summon her, maybe?).

The problem is, I’ve used the potpourri spell and now I smell like rotten fish, so any time I youdead the puffin, it immediately attacks me and the PC automatically enfuegos it. The solution would seem to be obvious, except that doing intensus on myself does not appear to remove my fish smell.[/spoiler]

Am I stuck? I suppose I could replay to here if need be.

Not stuck!

Pixie spells work a little differently than witch spells in that if you potpourri something different, the smell will leave you and go to something else. Also, that’s Killjoy thinking too far ahead again, silly cat. First you’ll want to find a way to bring the pixie back and keep her there.

Ah! I see. Okay. Thanks!

I’m stuck on the last ingredient…

I have everything but the witch’s tear. I put the golem into the trunk, and Killjoy wants me to ask it to fetch something, but I don’t know what to fetch. If I try to fetch random things, it says it can’t seem to come up with anything it can carry. When I ENSNARE the trunk, “some sort of book” jumps up from the trunk, but when I FETCH BOOK, it just asks me if I mean the textbook or the grimoire. What should I be fetching?

Thanks, I’m really enjoying the game!

Just tell it to fetch, the way you tell a dog to fetch.

That worked, thanks! Finished the game now, having found three endings (though two are almost identical). Are there others?

Thanks for playing! I’m thinking an ending guide might be helpful for anyone interested.


[spoiler]Sunrise ending:

ENFUEGO GRUSILDA (a few other witch spells will work as well)

Death ending:

ENFUEGO GRUSILDA (a few other witch spells will work as well)
ENFUEGO GRUSILDA (again, most other spells should result in death)

Aurora ending:

ENFUEGO GRUSILDA (a few other witch spells will work as well)

Party crashers ending:


Showtime ending:


Note: The last two endings are fairly similar except for the very end. Also, the Aurora ending meant to have more text… it just slipped my mind that I didn’t get it in there.[/spoiler]

Oh hey! Thanks. I didn’t think of some of those ending options.