stuck on first example in "Writing with Inform"

Hi all :slight_smile:,
Im new to IF programming and im stcuk on the first example in docuemnatation called “Writing with Inform”. Bascially i have the followwing in the source panel:

“Writing with Inform 7” by Q

“Midsummer Day”
The Gazebo is a room.

And when i press the go button i get the following error:

You wrote ‘“Midsummer Day” The Gazebo is a room’ : but it looks as if perhaps you did not intend that to read as a single sentence, and possibly the text in quotes was supposed to stand as as a sentence on its own? (The convention is that if text ends in a full stop, exclamation or question mark, perhaps with a close bracket or quotation mark involved as well, then that punctuation mark also closes the sentence to which the text belongs: but otherwise the words following the quoted text are considered part of the same sentence.)

ANY help is much appreciated. Thanks!!!


its ok. i fixed it :smiley: