Stuck on All Visitors Welcome-Ectocomp

I’ve been playing this game, and the following has happened:

[spoiler]I’ve gotten two phone calls; I’ve seen the graffiti and looked up what it said; I’ve read the computer about the three artefacts (but can’t enter anything in the computer); I’ve looked at all 5 displays and looked up every name contained in them, as well as the name of my supervisor; and I’ve felt an alien presence when outside.

I’ve died twice from experimenting with being outside in the dark.

I haven’t figured out the keypad code, or how to unlock the shed or the ranger’s office.[/spoiler]

How did I trigger the next part of the story?

I’m stuck at this place too. I’m guessing that I need to find the year of something, which will unlock the archives?

I still can’t make any progress on this one – anyone have any luck?

I’m stuck too…

[spoiler]I found an A-2 key in the glove compartment of the truck outside, but when I try to use the path to go around back, it says I need an A-2 key to unlock the tool shed. But “use key” doesn’t work.

I missed the phone the first time… does it ring again? Or should I restart?[/spoiler]

That’s more than I figured out! How do you interact with the truck at all?

There is an “in” exit when you’re in the parking lot. I clicked on it by accident because I thought it was the way to go back into the visitor’s center…

Hi, sorry for the confusion! To advance, you’ll need to:

get inside the truck (click “in” on the directional compass). There you’ll find an A-2 key in the glovebox, which you can use to unlock the shed around the back. There are a few phrases to open the door, but “unlock door” should work just fine. Inside the shed, you can get a crowbar which you can use to break open the door to the ranger’s office.

Aha, thanks! It said “You need an A-2 maintenance key to unlock the tool shed.” but “unlock tool shed” didn’t work and I didn’t think to try anything else.

No worries! I’ll fix that as soon as I can.

OK, I got to an ending, but I’m not quite sure if it’s the “best” ending.

[spoiler]I put the mummy on the rock, feeling a sense of relief. Then a figure in the woods reaches out… and my flare runs out, and it’s Game Over.

This seems like a reasonable, spooky ending, but the first time I tried this, I only got one paragraph (ending with a comma) before my flare ran out, which makes me wonder if there’s some non-deterministic race condition or something and there’s meant to be something more that is supposed to happen before the flare-ending? If so, let me know if you need more info to debug it.[/spoiler]
Anyway, thanks, I enjoyed the game! I love the brochure! Makes me wonder if I missed more hints in it…

Have the crowbar, still can’t get into the ranger’s office. The door doesn’t seem to be implemented. How do you get in?


ETA: Never mind, I figured it out. For those interested: