Struggeling with saving options

Twine Version: 2.3.16
Story Format: Harlowe

Hello folks. Since i’m new to all this, let me introduce myself. Iam UnholyKn1ght and i’m currently trying to creating my own text adventure. Since this is a little bit about kinky stuff an all, i wont go into details to much about this.

Now i want to explain, what i’m struggeling with.

I want to make a saving option in a diary. In this diary should also appear information about locations and poeple the player already saw and this works completely fine atm.

What’s giving me headaches are the saving options, i want to built in there, because i dont want to spamming every passage with the save button but i want to give players the option to save anytime. I thought thats a fine deal with a diary thing.

So far so good. Iam used to this code for it:

(link: “Save”)[(save-game: “file A”)] for the saving button

(link: “load”)[(load-game: “file A”)] for the loading button at the start of the game.

So far so good. The link itself is working as far as i tested it.

Now we come to the Problem. I wanted to have a button to give the option to go back without using the browers back button or the redo button on the upper left corner in the site.

So i made this:

(link-undo: “Back”) to create a button that brings you to the previous site. This alone works pretty well to.

But when i use them together in the diary, wich i created an own passage for, 2 things are happening all the time.

  1. I click on safe and the button disappears. It may tell me, its working…But when i use my created “Back” button it deletes the status of the game being saved and the “Load game” button tells me, that this cant be found. Of course not, because my back button is just a redo button in disguise.

  2. When i try to loop it like hooking the “Save”-button to a save passage and from them a direct way back to the diary i simply stuck in there.

(go-to: “save”)] linked to the Saving button and (go-to: “Diary”)] there to bring me back.

So my question: Is there a way to make it possible to have a saving option AND a back button in the “Diary” or do i have to make a decision about what i want more?

Thanks in advance, UnholyKn1ght.

PS: If this is the wrong catagory or something, please dont hesitate to tell me what to do with this post and where it belongs. Its my first time using this site and english isn’t my mainlanguage what makes it hard for me do understand really everything here. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I don’t know if I understand you well, I use a translator too. I use this code to roll back.

(link-goto: “Go back”, (history:)'s last)
It will take you back to the previous passage, but all the variables will be written.

It is Worth a try at least.

I will try to usw this, when i have some time. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: