Stretched Logo

Hasn’t anyone else noticed that the logo in the upper left corner is slightly stretched? I’ve been seeing it on here for a while but waiting to let someone else mention it.

The image file itself is not: styles/subsilver2/imageset/site_logo.gif

So it seems to be the HTML itself, which is setting non-equal dimensions of 170x94 for the logo:

Being that it’s supposed to be a square the dimensions should be the same.

I had noticed that but didn’t bring it up. I believe it happened after the switch to https.

People have looked over my shoulder at my laptop and asked me why my “IF” is all stretched out.

plz fix

I’ve been looking into board settings and I don’t believe I have the means to fix this globally. I’m discussing this behind the scenes.

One thing I did discover is you can change the board style for your own personal view under User Control Panel>Board Preferences>Edit Global Settings>and change “My Board Style” to “prosilver”. It’s a slightly nicer, more modern layout that you may prefer. It doesn’t show the IF logo (it shows phpBB - the board software) but I’m liking this new look and feel a lot.



From what I have been finding, changing logo information may require editing files directly instead of using the admin control panel. For an example: … &t=2400421
What version of phpBB is in use? I’ll see if I can’t come up something for you.

I am using subsilver2 and I am seeing the logo as the square image it should be although it was stretched for a while. Also like you, if I change the board preference to prosilver, I lose the logo and get the phpBB logo too.
Perhaps jxself has managed to tweak something.
Now if the phpBB logo could be replace by the IF logo when using prosilver…

Yes, it seems fixed now. Hooray!

Hey HanonO someone fixed it!

[Moderator Magic! ]