Streaming play-through of Fragile Shells

Since in-person IF meetups are right out, on Saturday April 11 I’m going to stream an audience-driven playthrough of my game “Fragile Shells”. If you want to join along and watch me react to a game I haven’t played in a decade, you can join me at 4 pm EDT at


It’s fun to watch even if the tempo of playing is around twice of my own playspeed. Joining in the mid of a playthrough as I did twice now comes with a lot of trouble to follow along the action since you miss so much that is necessary to even think about making suggestions for commands.
In the past I joined the play sessions on the IFmud and also missed the start every time. There I tried to catch up with reading but, well, my reading tempo failed me.
Maybe I’m just a slow IF player or the lack of speed comes from that english isn’t my native language. Or maybe I’m too used to the playstyle of the german text adventure podcast ( which has a slower play tempo.

Not sure if I join a live session again if I miss the start. For that case it would be nice if you (@Sargent) could highlight the playthroughs so that people could rewatch. Because “past broadcasts” will only stay on Twitch for 2 weeks, highlighted vods won’t be removed. Only if you want to keep them of course.


Thanks for letting me know that about highlighting the playthroughs! I’m also archiving them on my YouTube channel.

I’ll also try to watch for you and others coming in partway to give a mini-recap. My friend Jim had the same comment about the difficulty of dropping in partway. That’s one of the dangers of these games in this format. It’s not like dipping into a stream to see if the streamer can pay off their mortgage to a raccoon.

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