Streaming Hadean Lands on Sundays, 6 PM ET

It came out in conversation recently that not only have I never actually finished Andrew Plotkin’s “Hadean Lands”, I never even played it beyond its pre-release beta! I resolved then and there that I’d revisit it properly–and that, just for fun, I’d invite some friends along.

So, I do intend to stream a fresh start of this game for a couple of hours or so this evening, Dec 5, starting at 6 PM ET. It’ll happen on my YouTube gaming channel. I have no idea how it’ll turn out! Do feel free to swing on by.

Find attached a sneak preview of the layout I’ll attempt to work with. (And I welcome advice from anyone else with more IF-streaming experience than me, which is to say any at all!)


This is a game I have in my wish list. I will try to see you.

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So, this turned out a lot of fun, as the recording attests. I ended up playing a second session the week after that (with the author co-hosting*), and that was fun too!

I plan to resume my streamed play-through of Hadean Lands on Sunday, January 2 at 6 PM Eastern, and returning for a couple more hours every subsequent Sunday until I’m through. You can find both the streams and their recordings over on my YouTube channel. Come join!

* At least until I messed up his audio. It probably won’t happen again! These are my first-ever streams outside a game console and it shows, I’m afraid…


I have already seen/heard your videos. I wait for more!

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And, after fourteen episodes, it’s all done. Here is my (spoiler-free) wrap-up post.


Which player did you use?

I’m not sure what you’re asking? If by “player” you mean interpreter, I played the Steam edition of the game, which is a self-contained application. (Running on macOS, in my case.)

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Yeah, interpreter. Thanks!

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