Strayed now available on iOS and Android!

[size=200]UPDATE (10/31/2017): Strayed is finally available for iOS devices! Download it here.[/size]

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Ever had a lonely night where everything seems just a little bit off? Imagine driving through darkened woods, alone but for the thrum of the engine and the scratching sounds of something - you’re not quite sure what - in the back. What happens next depends entirely on you.

Strayed is an interactive short story about the mysteriously long fifteen miles between you and the safety of home. Download it for Android and iOS here.

About Us
At Adventure Cow, we strive to create rich, thought-provoking interactive stories that are easy for anyone to pick up and play. We are a team of game industry veterans, passionate about making interactive fiction more accessible to the general public. Our writers have worked on games published by Failbetter Games, inkle, Choice of Games, and more.

We’d love to have your feedback on Strayed!

Nice reading, short and simple. The UI is a little cheerful or “generic” (white and blue) and the story takes place during the night. BTW, some phrases were underlined with gray dashed lines, whats the purpose?

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving us feedback! We’re definitely going to look into a redesign of the UI. Here’s the new ending screen, for example:

The underlined phrases actually indicate parts of the text that change depending on your choices - was it confusing/distracting to you?

And thank you so much again for the support!

Neither, I didnt notice the underlines until I get to the deja vu part.

Thank you everyone for your feedback! We’re excited to announce that Strayed has just launched on Google Play!

We just released Strayed’s iOS version! Check it out here!