Strange problem with new posts and topics - Is it me again?

For a time when I post a new topic, the topic entry form is at the bottom of all of the other topics. It can be hundreds! I have to use the slider on the right side of the window to scroll WAY down to the bottom. Sometimes, it takes a while…

I have played with my user setting and used a different browser. I am generally using Chrome on Win 11.

Is it me???

Thank you.

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So if I go to the main “+ New Topic” button while not in a category and not replying to a thread, I get this (Dark mode rules…):

Pretty consistently the compose window is an overlay at the bottom that remains onscreen, even if I click into other topics (I can highlight and Quote material from multiple messages into what I’m composing, I can go back and forth in history and the compose window is independent of where I am in the forum) and I can slide the barrier up and down to make more room to compose, or see more of the above content.

The compose window does this consistently on my system. It’s never slotted into the replies or the underlying thread until the material is posted.

So my guess is your browser is reading the website incorrectly and putting the compose-window inline with other category posts? Possibly a cookie has crumbled or you might want to clear your browser cache and try again, or maybe change themes temporarily to see if the problem persists. I’m using the Dracula theme (on Mac in Safari) and it’s working.

So I forget I have fabulous cosmic powers, and I was able to impersonate your account and - yeah, it was doing that.

Even weirder when I grabbed the compose bar and moved it, it slid in the opposite direction somehow!

In your account I switched to the Dracula theme and everything worked, then back to the Intfiction theme and now it seems well. If it’s still borked for you, try switching to another theme and back and see if it persists.


You must have the magic touch. Switching to Dracula and back to Intfiction solved the problem. :slight_smile:

Now I don’t have to chase the input form.

Thank you!

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