Strange [First Time] behavior

I can’t seem to get search results because the terms are too common, so sorry if this is explained somewhere already.

In I7 6L02, I find discouraging behavior in the [first time] text subs.
As far as I can tell, if the object (I’m using it in a description) is plain visible in a room, the examine action skips the [first time] parts at the very first pass, and not from second and counting.

Is it me, doing something wrong? A bug? Or “a feature”?

Thanks a lot.

This is an acknowledged issue with 6L02; it’s tagged as resolved in 6L38. If you don’t want to update, you can make it work properly by using

[one of]first-time message[or][only]

Thanks maga.
I can’t even remember why I’m procrastinating the upgrade…

I think the correct syntax is [one of]…[or][stopping].