Strange crash in T3 / Adv3 normal

I recently ran into recurring crashes of the T3 VM under yet unrevealed circumstances.
I guess it has something to do with the german translation of the lib, because I didn’t find any bug reports in that direction.
I only have the tadscrsh.txt file which reads sometimes:

exc_handler = 00638ae0
CS:EIP = 0000001b:00435bb8

exc_handler = 00638ae0
CS:EIP = 0000001b:00435bb8

exc_handler = 00638ae0
CS:EIP = 0000001b:00435bb8

Does anybody have the slightest clue for me where to start digging?
– MI

This is probably a question for Mike Roberts. I can email him (in case he isn’t checking the forum), but he will want more details.

What computer OS are you using?

Are you using Workbench?

Do the crashes occur only when the interpreter is activated by Workbench, or can you get the crashes by loading your compiled game file into an interpreter when Workbench is not running? If so (or if not), which interpreter?

Are you compiling for the WebUI, or for a normal interpreter? This makes a difference because “the T3 VM” is running in an interpreter, which is summoned by Workbench, and it’s not the same, because if you’re compiling to the WebUI it’s going to launch a browser.

I’ve seen weird results when compiling for the WebUI, so we need to rule this out (or in).

Ok, thanks for the quick response.
So far:
No, it’s not WebUI it’s the standard t3 file.
I’m using Workbench on WinXP, and yes: it occurs when the interpreter is called from workbench, mostly when I’ll click on the “replay” Button, but I had several cases when the interpreter seems the stop after a simple click on the “play” button (from scratch).
I have Mike’s email too, I’ll fill out the details and send him an email.