Strange behavior of Extensions page (Mac IDE)

I don’t know if this is worth reporting as a bug:

Mac IDE, the links inside the Extensions tag (home page) don’t work for me. If i click on a title, instead of going there a pop-up window asks for what application to use.
If I ctrl-click, then I can choose “open link” and it works.

Same applies to in-extension documentation Examples.

MacBook Pro Retina 13", latest Os.

I have a similar issue with the extension tab. Clicking on most links (including documentation links within extensions) has no effect at all; if I use a right-click, I can select “Open Link” and follow the link that way. The contextual menu on right click also offers me nonsensical options, such as “Open Link in New Window” and “Download Linked File”.

MacBook, OS 10.7.5

Exactly. I forgot to mention.

If that’s not a bug, what is?

Already reported though:

My comp is pretty messy. Could have been me.