StoryHarp 3.0 (now in JavaScript for the web)

StoryHarp is an Interactive Fiction authoring tool and player I wrote 20 years ago in Delphi and ported to JavaScript in early 2018. It supports CYOA-style Interactive Fiction adventure stories where the player picks from a list of choices. The JavaScript version can generate stand-alone HTML files.

This page has a screenshot, a link to an online version of StoryHarp you can try out (including with demo stories), and a link to the FOSS code at GitHub:

The port to JavaScript uses the Mithril UI library (via its HyperScript API) and also Tachyons for atomic CSS – meaning essentially the entire project’s codebase is in JavaScript with almost no HTML or CSS to maintain.

StoryHarp’s authoring tools are graphically-oriented overall – a bit more like Twine (but different) compared to a text-focused system like Inform 7. While text-based systems are great, StoryHarp’s Smalltalk-inspired tools like a browser, map, and table hopefully start to shine when stories get complex.