storygames at PAX Prime

If anybody happens to be going to PAX Prime next weekend, I’ll be running some storygames there with Story Games Seattle.

Personally, I’ll be offering the zany black comedy Fiasco, post-apocalyptic world-building game The Quiet Year, character-development-heavy love-triangle game Shooting the Moon, and the community/institutional-dynamics game Kingdom. Other people, most of them far more talented than I, will be running things like the fractal-history worldbuilding game Microscope, the sexy/angsty/confused paranormal teen drama Monsterhearts, the therapy-session-like Penny For My Thoughts, Polaris with its manipulative demons and inevitable dooms, and a whole freakin’ lot of other stuff.

If you’re interested in interactive narrative at all, or if you have trouble coming up with stories and would like to build those skills a bit, you should definitely drop by and have a look. (Or if you’re ever at a loose end in Seattle on a Thursday night, for that matter.) No prior RPG or improv experience required.

Cool. Where at PAX is it happening?

Not sure yet, I’m afraid. PAX doesn’t have maps for 2013 out yet, and if ECCC is any guide, we’re too small to be listed anywhere or to be told where we’ll be until the night before. Logic would suggest the tabletop area, but I don’t know where that’ll be either.

More once I know more.

Hey cool. I’m not going to PAX (and I imagine I would need to pay admission to visit your table?) but it happens that I will be in Seattle for the first two weeks of September. Is the information for Thursday gaming on the site (6:30 at the Raygun Lounge) correct?

I’m now told we’re going to be in 305/306, 301, maybe 302, Olive 8. And yeah, you need a pass. (Which sold out before we even knew we were doing this.)

Tove: yes, the meetup site is accurate, and if anything you’ll probably get a better experience there. (The range of games will be a little narrower - no Monsterhearts, alas, because we’ve recently moved to a pure GM-less format - but it’s more relaxed and you have time for a full session.)