Story title of release

I have been happily working along on my WIP using the name “headache.inform”. I like short filenames with no spaces, and I never imagined that the filename would have an effect on the final release. But now that I’m actually trying out the release, the story title as it appears in Zoom is not the title as given on the first line of the source, but the filename of the project. Why?? Okay, why is a separate question. But can anyone recommend a gentle way to change the way the story title appears, without messing up my svn repository, etc?

It’s keeping the project filename even when you do a test release?

Hmm. I’ve changed titles without altering the project name and it compiles the blorb file with the new title name.

To my mind, that’s backwards. I want the blorb file to be called headache.gblorb. But when I open that in Zoom, I want it to say “A Killer Headache.” Right now, it’s the opposite.

Hmmm… now it looks okay. Maybe Zoom was holding onto old data that didn’t come from the blorb file.

Let me get this straight.

Let’s say I start a brand new project. I don’t have a spiffy title so I call the project “Untitled”, ending up with an “Untitled.inform” and “Untitled.materials” directory.

Later on, I change the title line in the game so now it reads “Spiffy Game” by David Good.

From now on, the game compiles “spiffygame.gblorb” etc.