Story Explorer - Pushing for launch ...with gold coins

Hello readers, writers, and curious people.

Some time ago I posted here to introduce Story Explorer, a new brand and initial platform ( for reading, writing, and publishing basic interactive fiction online. The platform was, and still is, in the beta testing phase; a very early stage of it’s life. We’ve already received some solid feedback highlighting the need for some additional features to be developed. To fund the heavy pre-launch development wave, successfully launch the platform, and begin establishing the brand, we’ve began a crowd-funding campaign.

In return for contributions, you can choose between various rewards including exclusive e-books, highly collectable ‘one gold piece’ coins, and limited edition gamebook paperbacks. These items will never be available at retail, and are only being produced for this fund raising campaign.

To find out more, and to take part, please go to the campaign homepage:

Story Explorer, as a brand and project, is not intended to replace any text-adventure building tools you currently use, or even any existing authors that you read. We simply want to add a little variety to the mix of the wonderful products and services currently available, with our own unique style.

If you like the idea of Story Explorer, and/or want to see what we can achieve with this funding, please help us reach our goal. There are many ways you can help aside from contributing to the fundraiser, like following Story Explorer on Facebook and Twitter, sharing this campaign online, and simply spreading the word in any way that you can.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the campaign, as well as the brand and platform. I will try to answer any questions that you have.

Thank you for reading.

I feel like we should have a form letter for these posts…

This is a CYOA-style system. What do you do, or plan to do, that is different from the long list of existing systems?

Also, a comment:

That’s not what “ghost writer” means, actually…

Ohhh, I was mistakenly under the impression that this was the same project as the other one we just heard from. Perhaps the two groups should talk to each other.

Hi guys.

Zarf: “A ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.” -as explained by wikipedia. Except, we are going to ALSO accredit the paid ghost writers (but the stories will belong to our brand). We like to do things differently. And, as for different features: co-authoring tools, our interface, internal and external achievement systems, export to e-book, and our “one mobile app with an ever-growing list of stories” idea (compared to the many platforms that release individual apps for one or several stories), plus anything and (possibly) everything our users demand. We want to make one awesome platform, but this takes time, first we need to get off the ground with what we have!

Tove: I’ve seen that project, it looks interesting, but it’s a desktop-based solution to writing an interactive story. We’re somewhat more ambitious, and we’re a fledgling brand. We want to grow into an entity that publishes actual true-life books, holds interactive fiction events, and otherwise takes steps off the digital landscape and into the real world. But, first things first.