Story Blocks Vanished

Good evening!

I was working on a story with 30 or so different passages, mostly linear with three branches. By default they’d all lined up, but I wanted to split them up along the branches. I went to move them over at once and had difficulty selecting multiple. I’m afraid I don’t recall exactly what I tried, though I now I tried a few things like “hold control and move them” and tried doing some control+Mouse wheel to zoom out (which did not work well)

The end result of a bit of fumbling was that they’re all gone. All the passage boxes within the editor, I mean, the story is still there and I can Play it as it’s currently written. When I make new passages, those squares show up, but the passage is on the far left of the screen and I can’t drag them away. Duplicating it did not fix anything, whatever happened was preserved for the duplicate.

Does anybody know what might have happened there and if there’s a good way to undo it to regain access to the story so it can be further edited?

Twine Version: 2.3.16
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.3

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