Story based IF?

I’m looking for a good story based IF. A puzzle here and there is fine but I’m mainly looking for something where your decisions affect the story/outcome. Sci-fi/Fantasy preferably epic fantasy or like a space opera (Star trek)

Shouldn’t be hard these days: pretty much all twine “games” are puzzleless and barely interactively.

Ironically enough most of them are also pretty storyless, feeling more like a bunch of Twitter posts after hemp. Curses has far more fiction and better prose. As well as beefy puzzles.

That rant said, C.E.J. Pacian IF works are pretty puzzleless, puzzling and have very good story and prose. Be sure to get a TADS interpreter.


Arithine, I take it you’ve played Photopia?

You might like this poll, though many of those games don’t have decisions that affect the outcome. Some of those that do (that I know of) include Blue Lacuna, Slouching Towards Bedlam, De Baron (warning: authentically disturbing subject matter), and… hmm, Rogue of the Multiverse isn’t on there but it could be.

Wait, Blue Lacuna is puzzle-less? I kind of gave up on that one when it seemed clear that I was intended to wander around an island solving puzzles with strange objects…

At the end of the prologue, you can choose between the puzzlefest version and the basically puzzleless version. I recommend trying the game again, I found the puzzlelight version awesome.

Thanks for the tip, I’d completely forgotten that the game offered such a choice. (Generally, I like puzzles. But not totally unmotivated, find-weird-objects-and-figure-them-out puzzles. I guess I didn’t realize I was signing up for the latter when I told BL that I wanted puzzles.)

I wasn’t crazy about the Myst-style puzzles of Blue Lacuna myself, which is why especially appreciate the possibility to circumvent most of them.

I think you can solve a weird puzzle in the prologue that puts you right into the puzzle-heavy mode.

This was, I think, a backward design choice. If a game asks you “Do you want the easy mode or the NORMAL MODE?” people are likely to select normal mode, but in this case people who didn’t find the initial puzzle are likely to not enjoy the Myst-like ones – this was true for me.

I also have to confess I never finished this – I restarted in story mode, a crash lost me my game a few hours in when I hadn’t saved, and I just didn’t have the motivation to replay the opening conversation. I should get back to it sometime.

Our choice-based games at probably fit the bill; our materials are 100% hemp-free. :wink:

Victor got a point. Everyone has at least a couple of those and if we all shared them, we’d have a plane. We’d fly high and soar the skies. Or we’d simply have a tangle of lines going nowhere.

my point? I missed it…

Perhaps you should actually carry out that decision. I can’t speak for others, but I personally don’t think discussions are improved by the continuous repetition of your own personal – and by no means universally shared – dislike for choice-based games. I’m not claiming that dislike is wrong or irrational or anything; but maybe your signature is enough; and comments like the one I quoted, which are apparently meant to ridicule people with different judgements and/or tastes, are simply inappropriate.

What’s with the hemp bashing? Hemp can save the planet!!

it can certainly help getting more fun out of things like this

Hemp doesn’t get you high. Makes a mean back-pack, though. :wink:

I’m not quite sure why you linked that because it’s one embarassing ass review. I haven’t played the game in question so it might well suck, but your review was just cringeworthy:

Just looking at the game quickly I wouldn’t call it good, but I don’t think it merits the review.

I tried my best to make it feel almost as embarassing and outrageous as the “game” :wink:

I was going to suggest Choice of Games before this post. They are much less about “Find the key to this chest…” and more about “Which faction do you want to support?”