Stop content listing?

I don’t want my game to list the contents of things, as I wish to handle that myself to make the prose a bit more flowing, but when I make the rule

Rule for listing contents: stop.

the end result spits out “On the end table .” sure thats not listing the contents but how do I get rid of that pesky line?

I don’t have a PC handy to test right now, but I think you want to use “do nothing” instead of “stop”. Not sure about the rest of the code, though.

I commend the RULES testing verb to your attention.

Looks like the thing here is the ‘examine supporters rule’. (You might also want to do something about the examine containers rule). If you plan on doing your own thing for that behaviour, the simplest thing is just to unlist it:

The examine supporters rule is not listed in any rulebook.

In practice, you might want to replace that rule instead of just delisting it. But that’s how you cut that behaviour out.

And that did the trick, thanks for your help, especially the verb (I can tell I’ll be using that quiet alot.)