sticky random save ability


I only use Frotz and Glulxe for windows, but I wanna be sure of something.

Does this produce the same result after as before saving/restoring? say "[one of]1[or]2[or]3[or]4[or]5[or]6[or]7[sticky random]"; Is it ever influenced by the type of interpreter used? if so, in what way, how and when?
If it’s influenced in any way, let me know, so I can swap that stuff out by number variables and tables and table lookups and stuff.

You could very easily test this. I’m not for certain, but it seems sticky random should remember after a restore, but not a restart.

It likely does depend on the interpreter (since the RNG could vary between terps or between computers), but given that it’s supposed to be random, what does it matter? It can also be influenced by the time of day, the amount of network traffic, the state of external hard drives, the level of CPU usage…

I couldn’t test in mac or linux, since i don’t have those.

… I don’t mean sticky as in every time you play. I mean if you get “Monday” the first time, and you save it, and you load it again, will EVERY version of EVERY interpreter give you monday again, or are there those that rescramble that?

The internal state of a sticky random is saved in memory, so it should be saved and loaded with all the rest.

Cool. Thanks. :slight_smile: