[sticky random] per person.

I have an if statement when asking an NPC if they have the players phone:

Instead of asking someone (called the askee) about "phone": if the askee encloses the phone: say "I have it!"; else: say "[the noun] responds, '[one of]I don't have it, sorry[or]I think I saw [random person] with it[or]I think I saw [random person enclosing phone who is not noun] with it[sticky random].'"

It works, but not quite the way I want. Say I ask Bob if he has the phone. He tells me “I don’t have it, sorry.” If I come back to him later and ask the same question, he’ll respond the same way. That is perfectly fine. But now if I go over to Steve, let’s say, and ask if he has the phone, I’ll get the response “I don’t have it sorry.” for him as well. And for Joe, and for Tim, etc. I want the sticky random to be per person, not for everyone. Any ideas? (I also eventually wanted the options to be decreasingly likely as well as sticky, so if you have a solution for that too, just include it as well, if now, that’s fine.)

I think I would do this with a table: I’d have a table with the various NPCs as one column and their responses in the other column, and at the start of play, I’d go through the table and assign the responses randomly.

Either this, or a text property: “A person has some text called the phone-response.” Set the phone-responses randomly at the start of the game.