Stew's Old Games: Dwarves' Lair

Here it is. It’s actually more of a programming exercise than a game really. It involves Dwarves on a map being able to be referred to by randomly colored beards and having random possessions. They’re in a cave and the object is to collect treasure. I still have the source file so I can make modifications to it. This could be a good exercise in the beta testing process and I’m curious to know what you think about it.
dwarves.z5 (126 KB)

Quick questions that I feel I should know about because they will affect mjy enjoyment of the game as well as how I tackle it:

Is the flashlight on a timer? Is it a big timer?

Hey, I just realized I uploaded from the wrong directory. That version was very old! The attached file has been updated with some changes I made in March plus a few quick updates I did today, so it should be better.

As far as light sources go, you have the flashlight initially and it has a fairly large timer on it but there is at least one other way to get around the darkness problem.

Sorry for taking a few days to respond. I did not see your reply until today (it got lost among my other emails) but I have started sorting my email so now all notifications from this site will go into an IF mail folder. Thank you for your interest in my old project! :slight_smile: