Step-by-step guide to setting up inform6-test (MacOS)

(EDIT: This thread has been repurposed for MacOS discussion only. To avoid clutter, other threads will be started for other operating systems.)

Does anyone feel inclined to post a step-by-step guide (i.e. showing terminal commands) to setting up zarf’s inform6-test environment (see GitHub - erkyrath/inform6-test: Collection of unit tests for the Inform 6 library) in MacOS? The readme instructions assume a high degree of familiarity with compiling from source in a way that links several new and/or pre-installed libraries, which is a fair step up from the requirements of getting an I6 compiler running.

Reducing this barrier might promote progress on zarf’s very worthwhile initiative to create a test suite for Standard Library 6/11, which has been stalled for years.

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Ooh, excellent question. To which I do not have a good answer right now!

That is true, and my fault for letting the interpreters sit around in their cobbled-together state for these past twenty years.

I will try to write out the step-by-steps for MacOS, given the current state of affairs.


This is what I’ve worked up:

You will need this file when compiling Fizmo-RemGlk:

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Two items for your attention regarding the current step-by-step instructions:

First: For Ubuntu, I needed to make a change to not covered by your instructions:

sed -i 's/^LIBGLKTERMW_NONPKG_LIBS.*remglk/& -lm/'   (adds missing -lm parameter)

Is this not required for building in MacOS?

Second: The current instructions at Step-by-step instructions for running the Inform 6 library test script on MacOS. · GitHub repeat one of the git clone instructions twice:

git clone

Thanks again for posting the instructions!

Nope. The interpreter Makefiles contain LIBS = -lm, so I’m not sure why Linux needs it listed in the

(Fixed the extra line, thanks.)

Poked into the ncurses question and realized that my file was trying to link ncurses for no reason. (The app does not require it, not in this configuration.) So you can change these lines to


…and avoid ncurses entirely.

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