Staying in the IF scene

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m staying in the IF scene.

This despite the persistent rumours that your recent mainstream success would make you leave us behind like a leper colony?

Which recent success? Me don’t know and want to know.

I want to know, too.

Wait, were we wrong to believe that “taleslinger” is the pen name of Marco Reus?

We have a scene now?

Cool :slight_smile: Things’ll get sparkier with a scene :slight_smile:

Is this who you’re referring to? I don’t think that’s tailslinger!

(Uhm, guys: the OP was satirical, and I tried to go along with it. I do not really believe that Taleslinger is an up and coming football star.)

I might have guessed, but the “recent mainstream success” bit was sort of confusing and that’s all there is on “Marco Reus”. One the other hand, do you not have faith in Tailslinger’s football skills? :wink:

I’m sure he would have improved the Dutch national team. :wink:

I’m staying as well.

That’s a previous incarnation of me!

That’s great, to be able to meet your own previous incarnations! All of mine are yet to be born.

The marked difference between a buddhist and a Doctor Who fan, my friend.

This is just plain confusing. And why are you calling taleslinger “tailslinger”, surely that’s not cool?

I’m not staying in the IF scene. I’ve got better things to do on YouTube.

In Philosophy, we call this sort of statement a category-mistake.

Freudian slip (in viceversa).

Personally, I’m sceneing in IF stays. (Guaranteed 100% gruebone.)

So, they’re only there in the dark? That’s basically the opposite of how I want stays to work!