starting with vorple

apologies if this is incorrect place.
I try to look again at writing IF with images , perhaps panoramic.
I hear Vorple can do this.
I seem to have forgotten everything.
Can somebody give me a start ? I can probably understand once comprehending the basics.
for example is Parchment needed for Vorple to work ?


If you just want images, Inform 7 supports that in glulx. There is an Emily Short (I think?) extension that creates a permanent image window.

Not that you shouldn’t check out Vorple though.

I’d quite like to read the vorple manual but it appears to be only on the website and I don’t seem to be able to view the entire site, there seems to be something missing ? … orple.html

"The manual is divided into three main parts:

About: General information and introduction.
Basic usage: Using the built-in features of Vorple.
Advanced usage: Adding custom JavaScript and CSS files to a project.

For most people it’s enough to read the chapters in Basic usage. They tell how to use the extensions that
Introduction to Vorple "

Sorry, you seem to have stumbled upon an outdated version of the documentation. The actual documentation is here:

The documentation contains step-by-step instructions on how to get started. If you get stuck feel free to ask for more details.

Note that the latest Inform build (6L38) has an unfortunate bug, at least on OS X, that prevents you from adding external files to online releases. If that affects you it’s best to use 6L02 for now.