starry seeksorrow rpg (has a few spoilers for the IF)

Hello everyone, I never got around to writing a post mortem for my ShuffleComp game Starry Seeksorrow, but here’s something else that I think is pretty cool: my friend Tim Wolfe, who helped test the game, has written a short one-off role playing game based on it. The game is designed for three players, and he added some things here and there to make it work better in that format. There are now three different PC dolls with various abilities and limitations, and the players have to work together–one can read, one can lift heavy things, one can recall memories (and none can talk at the beginning until they figure out how to use the mime’s-mouth flower)–in a way that reminds me a bit of Emily Short’s Aspel. (I think a lot of Tim’s version could be implemented in Seltani, if not quite all.)

He reports that he ran a successful game of it, with two of the players never having played a role-playing game before. Here’s a link to a PDF of the game, if anyone is curious: … w.pdf?dl=0

That is incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing.

What Carolyn said.