Standard Rules web page

A little while ago, I was surprised to find it was hard to track down a web-accessible copy of the Standard Rules so I made one.

There’s a table of contents and the “documented at” references within the code link to the appropriate documentation page on the Inform 7 website.


This is super helpful – just a couple of days ago I was wishing this existed! Thanks for pulling it together.


Mike, could you tell us a little more about “a couple of days ago?” Where were you? Was there a well, or perhaps a falling star? Maybe you found a tarnished, old brass lamp?


Probably worth mentioning: every line has an id of “line” followed by its line number, so you can link directly to any given line by appending that to the URL, e.g.,

See the order of the rules in the Turn Sequence rulebook.


Since I can only “like” once, I have to add: This is awesome!

It will be so useful for directing others quickly to the answers of many questions on this part of the forum. Thank you so much for doing this. :clap:

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