Squiffy 3

Squiffy, my new lightweight system for multiple-choice IF, now has a web-based editor - so you can finally use it without having to mess around with the command line.

See the blog post for more information, or you can just dive right in and start using it right now. You don’t even have to be logged in to textadventures.co.uk - changes are saved to your browser (but if you log in you can sync your game with your account so you can work on it anywhere).

There’s one-click publishing to textadventures.co.uk, and you can also export your game as HTML and JavaScript for uploading anywhere.

This looks really nice! I am definitely checking out the documentation.

Played around with the web-based editor, and this looks fantastic. Really nice job.

I think I’d totally use this over twine since I’m not interested so much in text formatting as I am in text manipulation. This has inform-like text variation tools and twine-like tagging text replacement without frills and complication. It has variables and turn counting and an “every turn” like master passage. I’m very impressed.

And it can be downloaded for offline play, so I like it too. :slight_smile:

This looks impressive, Alex; congratulations! I’ll try it next time I want to make something choice-based.