Spurious > character in output (release HT-24)

This string:


results in:

  • foo

I would have expected the list item to be foo, not >foo. Is this supposed to happen?

According to the error messages I get in the Debug Log window, is not a tag that’s recognized by TADS. If you remove the and , you’ll get the bulleted list item. What are you hoping to accomplish by adding ?

On the other hand, if I get rid of everything _except the and I get an indented line, so evidently those tags are doing something.

I think it’s down to the order you put the tags in. This works for me:


This produces an indented line with a bullet before the word ‘foo’.

BQ is a synonym for BLOCKQUOTE.” The debug log says “tag not allowed by container”; it seems works everywhere but inside a list. Nevertheless, printing “>” is strange.

I am trying to determine whether this is a bug or expected behavior, so I can report it if it is a bug.

I guess my question is, why would you want a block quote inside a list? I can see putting a bulleted list inside a block quote, and indeed, TADS handles that without difficulty. (I just checked.) But the reason to want a bulleted list is because you’ve got several list items. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to output the text as a list. In that situation, why would you want one (or more) of the items within the list to be displayed as a block quote?

I don’t really want a block quote in a list. I am looking for bugs. If my example is too implausible,

  • foo
” and foo bar baz” fail too.