Spring Thing ribbon nominations now live!

Players can now nominate entries in this year’s Spring Thing for ribbons. There are two kinds of ribbons:

  • “Best In Show” ribbons, for Main Festival entrants only, will be awarded to the two games with the most nominations overall.
  • “Audience Award” ribbons, for any festival games, are suggested by nominators and can be anything they like: “Best Story,” “Best Parser Game,” “Personal Favorite,” “Alumni’s Choice,” “Cutest Vampires”… you get the idea.

Ribbon nominations are open to anyone, although we respectfully request that you:

  • Play at least two games before making any nominations
  • Only make nominations once per festival year (although it’s easy to update/amend your ballot)

Players may nominate games up until 11:59PM EST on May 7th at the nomination page on the festival site. The festival games are available here.


Just a reminder to get your Spring Thing ribbon nominations in by the end of the week: the nomination form will shut down at midnight Hawaiian time this Friday May 7th. You only need to have played a couple of entries to submit a Best in Show or Audience Choice nomination. The festival and the authors would love your participation!


Thank you for the reminder, and hope you enjoy reviewing the ribbons!


Thank you to everyone who nominated any of us for ribbons. By Monday evening, you’ll be able to see which ones we creators selected.