Spring Thing reminder: the Thing will soon be upon us!

A friendly reminder that the Spring Thing '14 intent to enter deadline will soon be here! If you’re thinking of entering the Thing, here are the dates to shoot for:

  • The intent to enter deadline is March 1st.
  • Your game must be received by the competition organizer by April 9th.

I mentioned in an earlier post the awesome prizes we’ve lined up thanks to some generous donors, if you need some extra motivation, and as always, springthing.net has all the details about the competition.

(In case you haven’t heard, the Spring Thing is [one of] “the other” annual IF comp[s]. The Thing is designed to create a place for longer, more polished games (which means it has often featured a more select set of entrants than the IF Comp) but is open to any new, completed interactive fiction. You need to pay a $7 fee to enter, but there are cool prizes!)

Quick announcement: the deadline for Spring Thing '14 intents to enter has now officially closed.

There has been tremendous interest in the competition this year… if a significant percentage of authors who submitted intents submit a game, it may be the largest Spring Thing ever! (Help out the community, they said. It’s just a little comp, they said.) April 9th should be exciting either way.

I’ve just sent an email to everyone who registered an intent. If you believe you’re registered and did not receive this e-mail, please contact me right away at aaron at springthing dot net.

Damn. I meant to register an intent to enter (even though my game is a long way off finished - nothing like a deadline fast approaching to get me writing faster!)

I don’t suppose there’s any chance of accepting late intents? If nothing else, it would mean all the other entrants are guaranteed not coming last.

Hi David-- thanks for the interest. In a normal year I might be more amenable to that, but we have got a pretty good-sized crop of entrants already, so I think for my own sanity [emote]:shock:[/emote] I’m going to have to stick to the posted deadline.