Spring Thing looking for collaborators

Hello! I have started working on Spring Thing to get it up and running. While I’ve been able to make some nice progress, a lot of the system relies on python scripts that I have difficulty working with.

Aaron is available for some help, but as I said before in the previous announcement post, I’d like to have multiple people helping with Spring Thing if possible to make it more robust. It sounds like there isn’t a lot of energy for full-time collaborators, but I could use someone with a bit of time right now to help with the backend.

I’ll describe more specifically what I’m struggling with right now, and if this sounds like something you’ve dealt with in the past, please contact me! There’s a form that submits to python using SMPT. In past years, it worked, using credentials to log into an email to send an email. This year, it doesn’t throw up an error, but it doesn’t actually send. I tried changing the port around between 25 and 465 and using SMPT_SSL instead of regular, to no avail.

I got this working! It was sending emails to an inbox, but I had set that inbox to forward to gmail. Gmail was blocking it as spam while the inbox was deleting things by forwarding them.


Wanted to list a couple of positions that could be helpful here (mentioned this a bit in the announcement post):
-Tech people for major emergencies (no long term time commitment; just if something goes really bad I might message you). A few people have already helped out like this once.
-Long term web management: This would be someone who has admin access and just peeks in every now and then to see if things are working and makes slow, incremental updates to deal with changes in web protocols, etc.
-Mastodon account runner: I don’t plan on joining mastodon, but it would be nice to have a spring thing presence on there. The mastodon account runner would just tweet out calendar reminders and/or positive messages.