Spring thing games are up!

Brian is sneaky and hasn’t posted this, but I thought I’d check before I went to sleep, like a kid peeking to see if Santa is there, and lo and behold, the games are there!

Time to binge.


This is a soft release; I’ll be making the official announcement in the morning. Big people are checking it out now, please message me with any errors or typos you find so I can latch them before the big announcement and the itch page going live!


Of the ones I tried:

  • Link to story file for ‘Galaxy Jones’ is broken.
  • No download link to story file for ‘I Am Prey’.
  • Link to ‘Red Door Yellow Door’ is broken.
  • Link to ‘The Sacred Shovel of Athenia’ is broken.
  • Link to ‘Write or Reflect?’ is broken.

Zip Download link is not working!


Okay, these issues should be fixed!


There is no download for the t3 file for ‘I Am Prey’, so you are forced to play it in the browser on borogove, which I don’t want to do. However, I was able to download it directly from storage.googleapis.com after viewing the html source.

More importantly, the game starts out by telling you that “Players of all skill levels should consult the Prey’s Survival Guide (which should have come with this game)”, but this is nowhere to be found.

It looks like none of the games have downloadable readme files, instructions, walkthroughs or feelies of any kind. This is pretty unusual.

Links to the following zip files are still broken.

  • ‘Red Door Yellow Door’
  • ‘The Sacred Shovel of Athenia’
  • ‘Write or Reflect?’

Hmm, looks like I structured the downloads incorrectly. The feelies will be coming online later. Red door yellow door should work now.

A couple of the ones you mentioned I changed before my last message, like I am prey and Write or reflect. I just checked and they download correctly; you may need to refresh the cache on the page to see them correctly. I’ll be working on the feelies for the next few hours.


Still no luck with the zip files, despite refreshing the cache and trying a different browser.

It looks like others can download them, so I have no idea what the problem is. I’ll try again in a day or so.


In the meantime, the itch page is now live and contains a zip folder of all the games and feelies and is less than 200 MB.


@aschultz , I’m getting a message that says it can’t find the module ‘colorama’. I’ve got Python 3.7…


Ugh! This was an oversight.

pip install colorama should work.

If not, you can zap the import colorama line and set

wtxt = ''
grn = ''
red = ''

Is there no way at all to download Stygian Dreams?


Click the “Play Online” button. It should take you to a page where you can download.


Thanks. I never click that sort of button.


Stygian dreams will not play locally without setting up a server. It uses Vorple. It is included in the giant archive for archival purposes, for those who are dedicated enough to try to set it up (the archive even includes a dump of info from the google forms game! I’m so happy people worked hard to include archival material).


Actually, the blorb runs in Gargoyle, though clearly it’s not the full experience intended by the author.


Andrew, can you (or someone) give explicit instructions for how to play a python game on a mac again? Like to a child? I’m not sure how find that window thingy where you type in the codey bits to make it work.


Y’know, asking for a child. Mine, in fact. The one that totally exists and I’m a parent to. Just want to teach the ol’…chip off the ol’ block(?) how to run Python games on a… Mac… …because I definitely am a Mac owner. Or my child is… … Because I somehow raised a child to use a Mac in a house full of Windows and Linux users… Uh… Yeah… … because the terminal systems have a lot of overlap with Linux…?

(Looks off-camera)

(Jason, this character info sheet you wrote up is absolute trash! I’m not trying to live a complete lie, here!!)


Oh, we are SO far past my being able to pretend that I know anything about operating a computer. It’s kind of a relief, because no one expects anything from me, so I can just be the child who needs the help and we all know where we stand.

Actual conversation about python with my husband this morning (altered for readability because nearly every word out of my mouth was attached to a c-word or an f-word):

Amanda: $^&@*$W$) AHHHHARGH @^#$!^%#$%#
Tom: WHAT is the matter?! You sound insane.
Amanda: I’m trying to find that window on my computer. The thingy where you tell the computer what to do so I can play this game.
Tom: Don’t the games just, y’know, play?
Amanda: Not all of them. Andrew writes games in this thing called python and you have to type codey magic words to make it play, but first you have to find the window to type them in.
Tom: Python, like the snake?
Amanda: Yeah, but a computer program. #$^(@$
Tom: I’m leaving.


In Finder, select the “WriteOrReflect” folder (or the folder of the game you want to play), right click on it:

Hold the OPTION key and the Copy "WriteOrReflect" item will become Copy "WriteOrReflect" as a Pathname. Click on that.

Now open Terminal.app (I just type COMMAND + SPACE to get spotlight then type terminal). Or you can also find it in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder:

You should get a screen that looks something like this:

Type cd then SPACEBAR then CMD + V to paste the path you copied then ENTER:

Now type pip install colorama then ENTER (you only need to do this step once). It will print out some gobbledygook and install something needed for Andrew’s game.
* there’s a chance this step won’t work if pip isn’t installed by default on macs, I think it is but I don’t remember for sure, if it doesn’t work please let me know and I’ll fix these instructions.

Now you should be able to play be typing python wor.py then ENTER: