Spring Thing entry--looking for testers


I’m strongly thinking about entering a game in Spring Thing.

It is the sequel to Shuffling Around, so it is a wordplay game, and it is possibly somewhat longer. It’s had some testing so far but needs more people to look at it.

I’m looking for people who are willing to either

  1. plow through the game with a walkthrough handy
  2. spot-check parts that may or may not work, both as puzzles and writing
  3. even just give an impression of how welcoming/intuitive the game is

…and of course give any general evaluations.

If anyone is interested, PM me, or mail me at schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net. Previous testers of any of my stuff are welcome too of course–though I welcome perspectives from new people. Thanks!

Count me in! I’m up for it!

Now that the game’s released, I have a question.

“Shuffling Around” seems currently to be in v2. But this version has a lot of debug information - indeed, when you first start it you are treated to a list of things of no interest or consequence to the player, other than to annoy him. At the time you replied that since it was a beta version you would keep it that way.

I would ask about the status of “Shuffling Around” now. The version linked to in IFDB is still v1. Does that mean that’s the most up to date version? Does v2 then contain no enhancements, no fixes, no changes?

Hmm. That’s a good question. I thought I linked to release 2 on IFDB, but maybe not. This probably got lost in the (wait for it) shuffle.

Version 2 has a lot of fixes, but I don’t think I ever really quantified what they were. The big-picture and visible ones are:
–puzzles clued more ways
–slider collapsed into gadget
–unwinnable bug fixed in Metros

It would be a good project for this weekend to track what is changed. I’m grateful to have been reminded, and I think it would be a good idea to label the major changes. I think the latest version is releasable now.

Cool. Waiting for it. :slight_smile: