Spring Thing deadline passed! The games have dropped!

Persons who wish to enter a work in Spring Thing this year must submit an “Intent to Enter” form by end of day, March 1.

Do you intend to intend? What, very generally speaking, are you working on? How confident are you that you’ll hit the final deadline for entry (April 2)?

What other, random things would you like to say about this year’s Spring Thing?

I submitted intent early, because I thought it would motivate me. And it has! I’m confident that I will meet the deadline, but it’s important to me that I achieve the level of polish that I expect out of myself. I’m doing all that I can on that front, but we will see!

It’s my first game, and I’m writing it in Inform 7.


I intend to enter with my first-ever released game.

Whether or not I make the deadline is another story. I have been working on this, flat-out, since mid-December. We’ll see how it goes lol.

I don’t want to say too much, but I can say what’s currently in the code already. It will be a horror-lite game with a fully-dynamic AI antagonist who is trying to hunt you down. It’s all based on a recurring nightmare I have.

Sound waves will propagate through the map, get muffled, travel through walls, etc, which requires the player to both listen and be silent.

The antagonist uses an observation-expectation-suspicion system, which allows him to observe and track changes you make in the environment, and put together clues to aid in hunting you down. Again, this system is already implemented at this time.

A parkour system turns navigation itself into a series of mini-puzzles, allowing the player to uncover hidden routes to other rooms.

Most of all, the game is meant to be a replayable challenge. I’m intending it to be short, as IF goes, and the starting conditions are scrambled. You can casually load up this game now and then to test your stealthy skills against the antagonist, as his reactive behavior will give you a nuanced experience each time you play.

Part of this means that the player will begin with access to a full map, which is accessed as a tool in the game. Only the parkour routes will be hidden. The in-game map will be screen-reader-friendly, just like the rest of the game. I am making my nightmare a problem for everyone.

The game will also feature a tutorial mode where you play as a cat, as well as a “tutorial-plus” mode with fewer training wheels attached, and the normal player character. This is to help ease in new players to the mechanics, including player new to IF as a medium.

I will post the title and cover once we get closer to the deadline.

Wish me luck.


My planned Spring Thing entry is a short, timed two-room game that I’ve been fiddling about with for a while. I’ll be spending March beefing it up a bit (need to focus on my SeedComp and PunyJam games first!).


I’m hoping that @ChristopherMerriner is wrangling Adventuron into a state of reluctant submission once more. The altercations between the two of them lead to … (ahem)… interesting… results.


People are probably not surprised that @EJoyce and I are planning to submit Lady Thalia 3 (currently untitled). I better get cracking on that title actually so we can submit our intent to enter…


Not so much wrangling these days as gentle coaxing; Adventuron and I have reached that stage in our relationship where I’ve learnt it’s easier just to let them have their own way. I’ve made some sensible suggestions that may or may not get taken on board, and they’ve gone off on their own to write their next game.

I understand it won’t be finished until later in the year though! If it was destined for Spring Thing you’d be testing it by now.


I’ve submitted my intent more or less the day it opened. It’s my first time participating and I’m really excited to create something different. I don’t know if it will work like I intend to or if people will enjoy it, but that’ll be a cool experiment nonetheless!

Whether I make it to the finish line is… another thing. I have the gameplay on paper, the base code tested, and have some bits of writing. In my head, it’s clear what needs to be done.
But I’ll start putting full focus on that one when the SeedComp! is done.


Another question:

Why Spring Thing? It’s my favorite of the annual IF Events. As a player, I appreciate the lack of numerical scores, and its more experimental vibe.

& no limit to play time.

I’d be excited even if I weren’t making a game.


I’m planning to enter Spring Thing for the first time this year! In the spirit of the competition, I’m working on an experimental game with a unique mechanic at its core. It’ll be short and hopefully replayable. Can’t wait to see what everyone’s making.


I’m planning on entering Spring Thing for the first time this year with the game that was originally going to be my SeedComp entry, but that I don’t expect to finish in time for the March 1st deadline.


I have 3 games that I am butterflying back and forth between, and I don’t know if any of them will get done in time. I wish I could just focus on one, but apparently that’s not going to happen. So who knows?


I know I am. Especially looking forward to the bit where I give my associative brain free rein to come up with ribbon-nominations!

At your leisure. And my pleasure. Vivisection on your games always is a surprise-filled endeavour I look forward to.



I submitted my intent to enter. As usual, I told myself, “Write a short game,” and it’s not going to be that short after all. I should have it ready by the deadline, though.

I like the looser vibe of Spring Thing. I’ve never entered before, so it’s on my bucket list.


At the time that I entered, it was the only comp I knew about, other than the TADS Winter Jam.

However, I have since been given the full tour of all the main competitions, and have realized that I have made the best choice by entering this one.

Mostly because I have a background in indie visual games, so any parser game I make is unlikely to follow convention too closely (which is par for the course when I do anything, really). So I feel like SpringThing is forgiving enough that really weird stuff (like my game) would have a chance at a fraction of relevance during the comp.


I blame @sophia :stuck_out_tongue:
/jk I’ve been wanting to participate last year, but didn’t make it. hopefully this time


Me on my SpringThing proselytizing. :3


I like that Spring Thing doesn’t have judging. So far I’m excited to read about who is in. It’s neat to see people feel okay about submitting short games, too.

I had some trouble deciding whether to send in a (hopefully) short and very simple Python game, or a chess game with a straightforward narrative that will maybe be difficult. That can wait for ParserComp. I think the story will be funny, if maybe a bit obvious.

When I say simple I mean the Python game is The Ascot-level simple, but it has a decidedly different tone. (By the way, if you haven’t played *The Ascot yet, it’s quick. You should. I enjoyed it very much. It’s one-of-a-kind.)


I vote for the Python game, although I also like your chess games.


I’m writing Five Giants, which simulates the history of the development of a social security system, in the form of a fairytale.

It’s got a card-based system, a bit like “Reigns”, and uses TinyGPT by @JoshGrams. I’ve also written some nice interactive music.

We’ll see if it gets finished by the deadline!


I’m doing Spring Thing for the first time this year! I’m no stranger to working to a deadline, but I think I’ll be pushing it for sure.

As for what I’m making, I’m working on another choice-based science fiction game, really focusing on narrative and prose this time. It was originally intended for a sci-fi comp in the winter, which I had to drop out of due to some IRL stuff. I’ve been angling for something more like the style of the short stories I wrote for Lost Birds, but with (mostly) meaningful choices. Writing has been going well, I’m somewhere just north of 10,000 words without code as of this morning, but I’ve got another branch to write so we’ll see what final word count is. I do have a playable test version - all the structure and code exists - just need to finish writing and editing.