Spring Thing 2023 Closed, Ribbons coming soon

Spring Thing 2023 has concluded! The games were excellent and so was the discussion. Thanks to everyone who authored, tested, played, reviewed and judged!

After some discussion with a couple of authors, I’ve decided to delay posting the Best in Show winners until after authors have self-selected the Audience Award ribbons, so authors, keep an eye out for an email! The same email will contain details for prize selection.

The Best in Show ribbons were tightly contested. Most games got some nominations, and there will be some games that were nominated by many people who just narrowly lost out. The results should be posted in a couple of days, once most authors have responded to the ribbon email which will be going out later today.



Thank you Brian for organising the festival this year! It was loads of fun to participate and play very interesting games :green_heart:
lil’ shout out to all the authors who submitted an entry, everyone who wrote a review, and the voters :smiley:


Thank you!

I just sent out the emails. There’s a 90% chance something went horrifically wrong with them (wrong dates, times, links, blocked by spam, etc.) so please let me know what awful thing happened so I can unawful it. Thanks again!


I got mine!