Spring Thing 2022 General Discussion

By REVENGE, I meant cuddling and baby talk with the cute widdle kitty. Honestly, can no one read tone correctly?


Perhaps a nice little emoji would have made things clearer. It’s what they’re for after all.

Something like :smiling_imp: :scream_cat: :bomb:?

Edit: I took care to remove the identity on the quote, and now you jump up and claim it?


I accept your apology.


Some reviews for Spring Thing:

Computerfriend by Kit Riemer
Graveyard Shift at the Riverview Motel by Seb Pines
The Hole Man by E.Z. Poschman
New Year’s Eve, 2019 by Autumn Chen


I must apologize for being horribly horribly lax with any Spring Thing play and participation. I haven’t played many of the entries at all yet and have fallen out of habit of writing anything like a constructive review.

That said, I did stumble into Beneath the Stones, by Kieran Green - I was sucked in literally by accident (apropos of the subject matter!) while reading through the ribbons. I clicked and glimpsed the first screen and went, “Oh, default Harlowe. Let me click once-” and got through the whole story like I was offered a unexpected potato chip and wound up hungrily devouring the entire bag.

Usually default Harlowe without customization doesn’t bode well, but this game takes full advantage of Twine text-effects in the best possible way. I really liked the visceral writing that put me in mind of one of Stephen King’s short stories that detail a weird anomalous environmental event and stream-of-consciousness survival. It’s a tight, well-done story that balances well-paced text chunks and just enough choices to not feel completely linear, and I completed the story on the first go without ever feeling stuck. I always had something else to check out.

[Edit] The author notes caution against hitting the back button during play, and there is a way to disable these in Harlowe - although the author may have intended to leave them available.