Spring Thing 2019 Results

Congratulations to Kieran Green for “Among the Seasons,” and Felicity Drake for “The Missing Ring,” each of which have been awarded a Best in Show Blue Ribbon in this year’s Spring Thing (based on audience voting).

Congrats also to all 20 authors for creating an incredible set of interactive fictions. Voters this year could also suggest Audience Award ribbons for games, and in their words, this year’s crop of new interactive fictions were “avant-garde,” “replayable,” “promising,” “retro,” “bizarre,” “surprising,” “original,” and more. (You can check out all the Audience Awards at the festival link below.)

A round of applause, please, for all the authors!

All the games remain available for play on the Spring Thing site. Thanks to all the authors who entered their work, all the prize donors who provided incentive, and all the players and reviewers who enjoyed the festival.


(I should note that not all authors have responded to claim their Audience Awards yet, since these are opt-in: you may see additional Audience Awards trickle in on the listings page over the next few days.)

Huge congrats to all the authors! I’m particularly delighted with the double Best In Show award, because I couldn’t split those two, thought they were both worthy of the top prize, and nominated both of them for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought it was a really strong batch of Spring Thing entries this year, and very much enjoyed playing through them and judging them. Fingers crossed I’ll be entering myself next year. Thanks all!


Congrats to all the authors! I had a lot of fun playing this year’s entries :smiley: