Spring Thing 2018 is now open!

I’m very pleased to announce that the 2018 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction is now open!


This year, there are twenty games, spread across two categories. Authors chose whether to submit games to the Main Festival, where they are eligible for ribbon nominations and the prize pool, or the Back Garden, which opts out of ribbons and prizes but has looser entry requirements (including allowing excerpts from unfinished or commercial games).

In the Main Festival:

Best Gopher Ever, by Arthur DiBianca - Inform/Z
A Bunch of Keys, by Mike Gerwat - Inform/Glulx
Confessions of an NPC, by Charles Hans Huang - Twine
Drumsticks, by Luke A. Jones - Quest
The Eyes That Look Back, by Leno - Twine
Guttersnipe: The Baleful Backwash, by Bitter Karella - Quest
House, by Karona - TADS 3
Illuminismo Iniziato, by Michael J. Coyne - Inform/Glulx
The Imposter, by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano - Windrift
Murder on the Big Nothing, by Tony Pisculli - Inform/Z
Roads in Tempest, by Adam Bredenberg - Twine
Sherlock Indomitable, by Brian Craig Rushton - Inform/Glulx
Spy EYE, by The Marino Family - Undum
Zeppelin Adventure, by Robin Johnson - Versificator 2

In the Back Garden:

The 4th Break Up, by Papp Róbert - O.H.R.RPG.C.E
Life in a Northern Town, by People + Places - Twine, inklewriter, Instagram, Medium Series, Wordpress
REALLY, IF / REALLY, ALWAYS, by Dawn Sueoka - Twine
Ultramarine: A Seapunk Adventure, by Seven Submarines - Ren’Py
Venience World, by Daniel Spitz - HTML/Javascript
We’re All Fans Here, Chapter 1, by Naomi Norbez - Twine

You can play the games and find out everything you need to know about the festival at the official site, or follow us on Twitter at @SpringThingFest.

Instructions for making ribbon nominations will go up in a couple of days. As in previous years, there are two ribbons: an Audience Choice ribbon, which anyone may nominate games for, and an Alumni’s Choice ribbon, with nominations made by any prior participant in the Thing. (If you’re an alumni and not on our notification list yet, please PM me here or contact aaron at springthing.net.)

The festival will be open for ribbon nominations until 11:59 PM EDT, May 7, 2018.

To all the players, and all the entrants, have fun!

– Aaron

Ribbon nominations are now open for the Spring Thing '18 Audience Choice ribbon. For more details, read about ribbons on the festival website.

Alumni of past Things are contacted separately by the organizer with instructions for how to nominate games for the “Alumni’s Choice” ribbon. (If you are an alum and did not receive nomination instructions, please contact the festival organizer here or at on the festival site.