Spring Thing 2014

Look at it as a potential investment. People are generous with prizes…plus with fewer entrants, someone generally gets something. I’m not sure how prizes are divided up but I remember even lower-placed entries get some money back.

Of course, don’t do it just for the money.

Agreed. Also do it for the cars, and the fast women.

What I mean is, I am 17 and have no job and my parents won’t give me that kind of money.

Ouch. If not even seven bucks (last year’s fee) …that’s rough.

And MU, you forgot the dope bling-bling. Or was that assumed to be part of the deal?

Good point. If it wasn’t for the last ST I wouldn’t have this bitchin’ grill. And then how would I make sausages?

I don’t mean they won’t lend me seven bucks. I meant they won’t lend me Electronic Money. In other words, I cannot use a credit card, paypal, or anything else on the list. However, they might lend me cash.

Ouch [emote]:([/emote]. I never thought of that. Usually it’s me being jealous of the younger generation that can do stuff I can’t.

Seriously, someone here could vouch for you if that’s the problem. Or pay your entry fee. There must be solutions.

Probably. But I am still not ready for a comp yet. I have dozens of WIPs that never made it past the concept stage. I have three that i am working on now.

Just a note: it’s perfectly fine to have someone sponsor you and pay your entry fee-- I expect a lot of people on this forum would be happy to sponsor entrants.

The entry fee requirement is something I’m open to revisiting after getting through this transitional year of running the comp for the first time.

Just sayin: My vote is to keep the entry fee in place.

I think the entry fee is small enough so that if you’re serious about entering a game, you don’t mind paying it, but large enough so that if you’re just trolling, you might think twice.

I’ve been there. I didn’t get a debit card until I was 18, four years ago. Don’t worry, pretty soon you’ll only have to stress about how to get money, rather than how to spend it.

Entry fee aside, this seems like a healthy attitude to me. Worry about finishing your projects or getting them to a point where you can have someone play a demo, send them out to some testers, get feedback, maybe release some outside of a comp if you want, maybe try some speed-IFfy events (that’s the only context in which I’ve published anything). When you’re ready to enter a comp you’ll know.

And on my schedule, you’ll probably have your debit card by then.

I too am planning to enter a game. I hope my health will permit it.

I would be willing to pay for someone who can not afford the entry fee. Just send me a message here in the forum and we will figure something out.

Not sure if paper check is on that list, but that’s how I paid when I entered.

No checks either. My life sucks.

Haha. Well, I like this advice a lot and would say that once you are able to focus on one project and get a lot done, go for it. I can’t say when I know something is at critical mass, but when it is, you’ll have that intuition.

An end of year non-contest is coming up. Maybe if you have a small idea it’d be a great start. The feedback from the clubfloyd folks should be helpful.

Potentially late, but I plan to enter.

What is non-contest?
I have never heard of this before.

‘Non-contest’ isn’t a title, it’s a description. Schultz is talking about the the New Year’s Minicomp. (The ‘non-contest’ bit is because, like many IF events, it’s called a ‘minicomp’ despite not being an actual competition.)