Spring Thing 2014

Hi everyone,

Just wondering – is anyone planning on entering SP2014, or currently working on games? Spring Thing seems to usually be more of a dead zone than the Fall comp, with only a couple of games and fewer reviews. Is this year going to be different? (I’ll be there.)

Unfortunately my WiP falls foul of the “no quoting copyrighted material” rule, so I probably will not.

Really? Not sure I see anything about adding quotes in the rules. If that were the case, you couldn’t even add an epigraph. Do you mean one of these two rules?

Games may not be based on works currently under copyright without permission from the copyright holder.

Do not use copyrighted multimedia assets (graphics or sound) without permission from the copyright owner. If you don’t know if a song, sound file, or picture is under copyright, don’t use it.

The former. It’s set in the Zork universe and infringes too heavily on the old Inficom games, and I don’t imagine I’d be able to get a response from Activision.

I’m daft. I actually spent an hour trying to figure out what exactly a “spring thing” would be. I mean it could be one of those horses that you see in playgrounds, and it could also be about a slinkie, but once you’ve exhausted those two options in your IF submissions, I couldn’t figure out much use for a spring as a mechanic.
I didn’t make the connection to the actual season until the next day.

Ah, that’s interesting. Probably not.

I’m hoping to enter again, with a parser game this time, but I’m also working on a graphical game that’s sucking up a lot of my time so no guarantees.


I’m planning on entering Spring Thing with a game I’m working on now. So far, I’m on schedule. Maybe there will be more games in 2014, if only of hypertext-based games, given the rise in populairty of non-parser IF.


I have two works in progress. One might be done by then if I’m lucky.

I’m planning on entering.

I am excited about the Spring Thing. It costs money, but fortunately only a little compared to, say, getting a game on the Apple App Store. Not that I’ve done that. But I have myriads of ideas for IF. I did one for IF Comp (the fall comp, as you called it), one for Ectocomp (the Halloween comp), so I have two out already this year. I’m going to do one for the Ludum Dare comp, one for the New Year Minicomp, and then a bigger one for Spring Thing.

My goal is to having something entered.

It’s an annual competition. The main differences to “the comp” are that there’s no two-hour rule, and that there’s a (modest) entrance fee. Its goal is “to create a place for longer, more polished games”.

[emote]:lol:[/emote] Just commenting on your signature:
“The thing I like about deadlines is the wonderful whooshing noise they make as they go past.”

  • Douglas Adams

That’s the best quote I’ve seen in awhile.

I’d like to see spring thing take off. I’m very interested in exchanging game drafts with prospective competitors whether or not we enter.

I think ST is a great idea for people to enter games that didn’t quite make IFComp. I’m glad I entered last year–my game could’ve used a lot more time for my testers, but people along the way have helped me tune it up.

I’m starting to feel guilty about it, though, as I haven’t been making as much progress on my current game project as I’d like…

When guilt sets in, that’s the cue for me to start lowering my standards. I have this superpower, see: I can make anything and do anything, but the snag is that I can only do it in my head. I’m Imagination Man. It takes two seconds for me to make an IF in my head, and about a zillion years to make it actually happen IRL, and somewhere from point A to distant point B, I will hopefully learn something about my own mortality. Hopefully I’ll give up my hopes and dreams before it’s too late and they eat me like the grue-kin they really are.

What exactly is the “spring thing”


I am unable to enter. I am broke.