Spring Thing 2014 is up!

The update was just a fix so that the online version would play correctly. The differences are mostly aesthetic.

The voting page is now open. As a reminder, you must play at least half of the games to vote (five games, this year) and you must vote and confirm your ballot by May 11th, 2014. Authors are not allowed to vote, but beta testers (and anyone else) can!

I’m curious, where are all the walkthroughs for the games posted?

For authors who wanted their walkthroughs included, you can find them in the .zip file download for that game. (Price of Freedom has the walkthrough integrated into the game itself.)

The first update to Spring Thing '14 games has been posted:

  • “Surface” has been updated to address a random event balancing issue that could make the game seem broken.
  • A walkthrough has been added for A Game of Life and Death.

The updates are available now from springthing.net, and will make their way eventually to the IF Archive.

Man, text games are so hard. I can’t even start Weekend at Rubys:

[spoiler]Do you have any objection, moral or otherwise, to any of the following:
• Pre-marital, casual, or anonymous sex.
• Recreational alcohol and/or drug use.
• Loud music and the noises associated with house parties.

1: Yes
2: No

You’re entitled to your opinion but I think the command “2” is an unreasonable request.

You’re entitled to your opinion but I think the command “2” is an unreasonable request.

I wish I knew what “2” meant. It sounds like it would have been a wonderful idea.

I’m sorry, “2” is not a command that can be executed. It’s not you, it’s me.

As the man said to the crying woman, I don’t understand. ('Two").

The concept of “no” is unfortunately beyond my comprehension.


EDIT: I’m assuming you’re playing online. I looked into it and I was able to recreate the problem by typing and executing responses faster than the server could handle it. The online player for Quest is flaky at best, and it throws a hissy fit if it receives commands while still loading.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this (as it’s an interpreter issue) and all I can suggest is taking an extra second to enter your commands when playing online to allow for server lag.

I noticed it took a while to start up, so it must be a big game. That really sucks if Quest seemingly can’t handle a yes/no questionnaire (with all due respect, I understand why - but someone who didn’t have this insider knowledge might just go “erp” and quit out. )

And I’m on a Mac, so I can’t play offline.

I’m posting reviews at http://heterogenoustasks.wordpress.com/tag/spring-thing/. (I’m generally moving my gaming-related writing over to that blog.)

Has anyone completed Weekend at Ruby’s, or does anyone have a walkthrough? Either I’ve encountered a bug, or the game just stops dispensing hints at a certain point, but I can’t make any progress, and I get no help from the hint menu.

I am currently um, coked up. It appears that something is supposed to happen with Ruby, but I can only dance with her. She mentions her broken iPod and a favorite song, but no one else I’ve talked to seems to have any useful information about them.

I’m also supposed to attach my phone to the stereo,but I’m being blocked from doing that.

Finally, I have discovered the secret library, and I’m trying to find the sheet music for My Funny Valentine, but I can’t get to the right shelf with the crank.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A reminder: there’s about one week left to finish playing and voting for the games in Spring Thing '14. Votes must be in by 11:59 pm EDT, May 11, 2014. Judges must play five of the ten games to vote.


Spring Thing voting has now closed. The results will be posted hopefully sometime tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for participating!