Spring Thing 2011

Is anyone else entering? I just submitted an email that I’m intending on doing it.

The deadline to submit intentions is March 1st [emote]:o[/emote]

Barring disasters, I’m in.

Similarly for me - barring disasters…

I have a few “real life” things that are higher priority over writing currently, so if I can get enough time to finish the project, I’ll be in.

Cool. I emailed the address at the bottom of the Spring Thing site with my intent Friday night, but haven’t heard back yet on where to send my entry fee. Hopefully will hear something soon.

EDIT: Got the email this morning [emote]:D[/emote]

When I started my game in October I fully expected to be entering Spring Thing 2011 with time to spare. Well, that went well. I am starting to doubt it will even enter beta testing this year…

I’m entering a game as well. But if Carolyn’s game is as good as One Eye Open, well, the bar will be set pretty high for the rest of us.

Thank you for the compliment!

I’m entering something fairly offbeat. I’m very excited about this game, but I was supposed to have it in front of playtesters this Monday, and it hasn’t happened yet. [emote]:([/emote] So I’m running scared right now.

Your not alone. I’d been thinking about entering since last year’s Spring Thing was cancelled, and since then I’ve burned through three projects (two potentially longer ones that might have been of the typical Spring Thing scope). Since last November, I’ve been working on something pretty coherent that I think I have at least a chance at finishing, but it no way could it possibly have been ready.

Congratulations to those who are entering! You’ve already won the hardest contest by actually finishing a complicated IF project.

I’m gonna miss SpringThing, I still have a ways to go on my game. (Maybe IntroComp?) But I have donated a 1936 Dennis Wheatley Crime file book as a prize. If you’ve seen “Get Lamp”, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

Good luck to everyone.


I’m out after all, I’m afraid. I set my sights too high, and I just can’t complete and polish this in time.

Good luck to everyone in the competition!

I placed 6 out of 6, but I must say this was both an informative and fun competition!

I really enjoyed “Hallow Eve” until I got stuck, pretty far into it. Congratulations! I would call your game a success. [emote]:-)[/emote]

Thank you very much, sir. That means a lot to me [emote]:twisted:[/emote]